Personal information is handled in a reassuring way. When you shop with us at FABL, we keep among other things, your name, address and contact information. This is the data we need to deliver the goods to you via the shipment method you choose, as well as you personal contact information connected to your order. FABL is also required to keep this information in connection with the accounting, tax management and any warranty/return management. Card number is not stored with FABL, beyond what is necessary to ensure efficient management of any problems with the load, waiver of reservation and credit. FABL does not sell personal information to third parties.


Content Sharing

Feel free to share products, moodshots or other inspirational content from with your friends and followers. Although we appreciate a "hands up" before doing so, to insure protection of copyright content by any possible third-party involvement.



FABL offer newsletter subscriptions to customers and users of the site. Email adresses signed to this service will receive exclusive information from FABL regarding news, updates and information. Each newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe from the FABL newsletter.


Pricing Policy

Prices on our goods are shown in NOK. The total cost of your purchase will arise before finally ordering, and include all expenses associated with the purchase. The prices representing each of our products does not include delivery costs. Prices shown on may vary due to fluctuation in the market. Any price changes that occur after the purchase point, is not retroactive. When we receive your order, we will confirm the order and an automatically order confirmation will be sent to you. Please read carefully through the order confirmation and check to see that it matches the purchase order. If something is incorrect, or you would like to cancel, please contact us either by e-mail or chat, as we will solve the problem.

At FABL our commitment is to offer convenience, service and product availability online at compelling prices every day, with certain limited time offerings of merchandise at promotional prices. While merchandise offered online at FABL will usually be priced the same as merchandise offered through other distributors, in some cases, other distributors may have different prices or promotional events at different times. Due to fluctuation in the market FABL beholds the right to adjust the prices shown on the site.


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