We LOVE Guris authentic and cozy look in our favorite set; the Andrea Dark pants and the Lena Dark antracit sweater.

We LOVE Guris authentic and cozy look in our favorite set; the Andrea Dark pants and the Lena Dark antracit sweater.


We`ve met with the blogger and stylist Guri Heli, showing us more of her world than meets the eye.

We caught up with her in her Oslo city apartment, stealing 60 minutes of her day before she`s headed for new destinations. Hectic but honest, her stories are often summarised with a deeper dimension.

Born and raised in a small mid-land countryside, although this girl is no girl-next-door stereotype. The palm-tights and silver coat were some of her key items in the 90s, expressing her current then as a girl with a statement. She still loves playing around but has a more subtle approach to palettes and textures today than then, but still, wears what enhances her feel of the now. With both artist- and fashion studies in her pockets, her love for style and interior currently inspires over 18,7k followers on Instagram. Her profile is both artistic and genuine, representing her love for both the abstract artistic and the real.

Guri Heli is a Norwegian fashion stylist and blogger working for television, magazines and several mediums. Her style reflects her journey, although scandi minimalism and androgyny are strongly represented, along with comfort and refined femininity. She also works part-time as a stewardess for SAS, a job that also inspires and contributes to her work as an influencer and stylist. Her love for interior and architecture express her inner artistic eye. We really enjoy her eclectic modern approach, with both an exciting and well balanced mix of colours, objects and textures.


Q: What makes you happy, Guri?

"Aesthetics. Humanity. The real deal. I appreciate calm surroundings. Flowers are important to me, as well as art, and I find balance and ease in my practise of Yoga. It`s beautiful when people accept people, as how they all are different and unique in their own way. To allow and to be allowed to be who you are, regardless. That also makes me happy."

Guri has a lifestyle that reflects a stylist and bloggers; very social, on the go, extremely busy at times. Her job is a passion of which she naturally fits, her hunger for new impulses of style and reflections of time. On the other hand, she is deeply rooted to her country-side upraising. The genuine.


Q: What inspires you?

"Music, movies, people. I am very much drawn to the moody, the darker and sad. I watched the movie, Thelma, the other day, it was a stunning piece of work. Dark and disrupted. Deep and beautiful. It moved me. Right now I´m into Agnes Obel, her music really gets to me, her voice is so soothing and sweet.

I really enjoy the deeper questions, about our existence, what makes one's path, and what not. I find it really hard to end a relationship with someone or something, the emotional journey can get really rough. It`s very dramatic. It can be really tiring sometimes."

"I am very fascinated by the aesthetics of people, the body and face. Be it a special trait, a certain strong reference, the look. This can really get me going.

What also fascinates me are people living life free, not from the systems necessary, but as a way of living, as they are. The free spirit. I find it very attractive when people believe in their dreams when they believe and hunt. It makes me happy when I hear people chasing their dreams and realising them."


Q: Who inspires you?

"I feel that the Scandinavian style stays strong in me no matter how time changes specific aspects of my style. I believe style evolves with you, with time, with places and with age. Your age and body change throughout your whole life and I find it beautiful when a woman (or man!!!) embrace this with their style. It`s very sexy in its own way.

And oh, yeah I really enjoy the style of Elin Kling, she`s a Swedish fashion blogger and fashion journalist. She is so scandi-chic. Columbine Smille is also a Swedish wonder woman that I see too, she`s a stylist and has a really cool smart style. I also enjoy the style of the Danish girl Sophia Roe, she`s classic with a femininity and edge, her style is playful! I love it when a woman carries her femininity and at the same time being bold and brave, life is too short to be too serious - one should play with fashion and let fashion play with you. Dare to do something different, and see how this makes you feel. Don`t be a slave to the rules. There is nothing like getting that look of the day that just carries you like there are no obstacles!"


Q: Which areas of Norway do you long to visit?

"Svalbard is stunning. The wilderness and nature are so raw and real and one cannot come closer to nature than this. It speaks to you, one must adapt to nature, cause up there, it comes first. Not you.

Åre in Sweden is also an awesome destination, it takes no time to go here from Norway. The skiing area is so cool during winter, and Åre offers both fantastic shopping and food, as well as sport and nature experiences. It`s the perfect couples weekend get-away!

I also enjoy Ålesund and the area around, both for food and especially for nature. This is a perfect city-base from where you can go and get some of Norway's most breathtaking nature experiences."

Guri is fortunate to get to travel much, well I guess she has no choice since her jobs depend on her doing so. Even though she wishes she could experience more (some of her flight shifts are late and early hours where she hardly sees the place!), if you are a visitor to Norway (or if you are just likeminded adventurers like us) we recommend following her tracks on social media, as well as for style and interior inspiration.


Q: Which is your favourite big city?

"Copenhagen. This city is like my second home. I appreciate the honesty of the city, so low-key and truly, truly beautiful. When it comes to architecture, I really enjoy the modern and functional, and of course aesthetics.

Regardless of place, city, town...architecture fascinates me. The composition, how the sun hits the building, makes shadows and reflects. I find it both amusing and very interesting when I see the thorough works of professionals that have combined all these aspects to make one unique expression. It makes me happy".


Q: Where is your next trip taking you?

"London, then Cape Town. Oh wait, first home to Trondheim, where my house is."

Her house is such a nostalgic nest, situated in the authentic area of Trondheim called Bakklandet. The pulse and vibe is so raw and heartfelt. Suits her perfectly. A short visit to her house (which she shares with her boyfriend) makes me realise why this place makes her happy. It`s exciting and so well put together, made with passion and love of colours, textures, design, antiques and art. Not to forget with an eye on detail. A true gem.

Q: What does your future look like?

"Well, I am so appreciative of and loving my current situation, but I know there is a shift ahead. I am not sure how it will turn out yet, but there is a new journey waiting there in the future. One that I am starting to feel ready to go along with."

Guris eyes wander. Is she looking to her future, or is she here and now? Probably both.