Inspired by the traditional Norwegian kitchen, this is what happens when groats and wheats hits the urban streets.

Innovative, delicious and healthy. Those are the three key terms we will share with you as a starter. We had a talk with Gryn Restaurant in Universitetsgata 8 in Oslo, the barely 1,5 month old concept that is here to make old traditions new to the streets.

"Gryn challenges the traditional perception of what porridge can be and shows how porridge can be combined with seasonal ingredients and creative accessories beyond what's used to." Patrick is the daily manager at this grounded gem, walking into this boiler is nothing else but right. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or an evening snack? Gryn offers a wide menu of the yummiest porridge and sweet waffles with both the traditional brunost, and more untraditional toppings like salmon and chicken. We loved the asian twisted Banh Mi. The Tropical porridge is a delicious meal seasoned with pomegranate and coconut, and I would also recommend trying the Pear Compote, so fresh and juicy and is the one featured in the top image (looks great right?). 

At Gryn you get a meal that is tasty, healthy, filling, cheap and not least inspiring.
— Team Gryn

"Here at Gryn you get a meal that is tasty, healthy, filling, cheap and not least inspiring. Porridge is not the only thing that can be cooked on grains. Therefore, we offer an evening menu consisting of a variety of dinner dishes based on grits with inspiration from all corners of the world." Patrick says the are very honest about the service, they want the customers to have real experiences and a genuine and great personal service when at Gryn. I cannot say I disagree, there is a friendly feel around and I must admit I went back the next day with a friend to show how good this is! If you have ever been to Brooklyn in New York, you would instantly feel the same vibe at Gryn. It`s low-key, genuine and alternative in it`s way. The interior is curated by non the less than Simon James from ESKE Interiør (ESKE Interior shop in Oslo), an award-winning decorator behind several high-profiled interior decorations (like The Thief Hotel & Spa on Tjuvholmen in Oslo).

The music reflects the atmosphere, relaxing, witty and old school, takes you on a bit of a time-travel. The nostalgic feel is just as warming as the hospitality and fantastic food. And if you are up for an evening drink, Team Gryn has resemblance to Team Himkok, and anyone who has visited Himkok knows these are worth the way through the snow to.