A mid-century hideaway in the city of Seville.

Its early June and the trip goes to the Spanish city of Seville. With briefly a day and a nights stay, we have checked in at the famous Las Casas de la Juderia in the midst of Seville`s heart and soul; the old part of the city. This hotel is a first-choice for many creative souls, continuously longing for the quirky and warm hotel atmosphere, craving that carefully curated space full of charm from antique furniture, entertaining tapestry and not to forget much much green hideaways.

Las Casas de la Juderia has many returning guests. The hotel stretches over a whole block, which makes this one a spacious retreat with many gardens to escape to for silence, or simply shade. With over 40 courtyards with botanics to ease under - welcome to Sevilles haven!

We find the style enchanting and eclectic, so chic and powerful with a colonial twist, beautifully decorated with vintage furniture of wood and eyecatching coloured velvet and patterned fabrics that goes so good against the concrete walls and rough stone ground that carries many footsteps. Steel doors with glass makes light come thorough as well as ope air and glass covered roofs. This makes the public areas well suited for a both work and other meetings, without getting too dark and moody.


Morocco is just across the water from Seville, and its architectural signatures is much noticeable in the Spanish city. Las Casas de la Juderia is not an exception, and we have fallen hard for the stunning use of decorative tiles as well as bold oval shapes that makes beautiful details and niches.

Gigantic paintings will catch your eye in many of the halls to wander, and you’ll also be able to enjoy a cold drink in the piano-lounge. This line-up of several living-rooms is something else, with its somewhat maximalistic Victorian references, beautifully executed with heavy wall to ceiling velvet curtains and different rooms to enjoy your company or maybe just solo? Marie Antoinette would be a regular within these walls, no doubt. And we`re no different. We can`t wait to book our next stay, and if you`re convinced, heres the way to go. P.S. spa included.


Some local facts:

Seville is about a two hour drive on the highway from Malaga Airport. It`s a city famous for it`s beauty, said to be a mekka for moviemakers. Here you can experience hot flamenco dancing and enjoy maybe the best tapas and freshest orange juice in the world. About 700.000 people live in Seville, and the city is full of talented artists and breathtaking architecture. If you wanna check out the beaches from Seville, you will be pleased to find some of the most beautiful ones on this planet. We would recommend taking about a 2 hour drive south towards Gibraltar, to Los Caños de Meca, a small seaside village to the east of Cape Trafalgar on the Costa de la Luz of Spain. It is part of the province of Cádiz and the autonomous region of Andalusia.