Where the details ain`t just a part of the journey, they make it.

Traveling in style got another dimension after meeting Kate and Ellen at The Modern Caravan. The duo of two women that made the groundbreaking decision to hunt a dream that only a few dare to pursue, selling their everything for a life in a rolling home. The airstream is not just a way of getting there, it`s a part of your lifestyle. An ode to the essential, where what you bring is what matters the most to you, what makes you mood, what makes you happy, motivated and balanced. A trending appropriate term would be "slow living", where being close to nature, living in tune with nature, quite easily respecting nature and just honest and kind to all. Simple and authentic. As a Scandinavian magazine, we appreciate the resemblance to the genuine, the bright and clean. The use of natural elements shines through in much of what Kate and Ellen favors, and it also suits both the bohemian lifestyle and the airstream use and purpose. It echoes the values of eco-responsibility, through second hand, vintage, recycling and DIY handcraft done by the couple. So thorough, pleasant and inspiring.

Kate and Ellens airstream story started back in 2014, downsizing was on the top of their list, which took  a whole year. At the same time they were getting into their first Airstream project, "Louise".



Our journey ended abruptly when family circumstances arose, and we returned to the Midwest and life in a city, and sold Louise.
— Kate and Ellen

"We hit the road with Louise as full-time travelers in 2015, and spent six months traveling from South Dakota to Alaska, Montana to California. Our journey ended abruptly when family circumstances arose, and we returned to the Midwest and life in a city, and sold Louise. We were changed irrevocably by this time on the road, and though what we were facing was pretty damn impossible, we couldn't return to living a life that wasn't true. Simple in concept, this trailer was built out to reflect our lives. The design centred around clean, uninterrupted lines, a mid-century nod, and affordability."



We were now nomads, though and through, and would spend another year and a half fighting tooth and nail to get back on the road.
— Kate and Ellen

2016 came, and so did their second airstream "June", a fresh approach, with yeat another delicate coordination of interior and elements, playful and authentic with a perfectly balanced colour scheme. The wood in "June" gives us a more bohemian resemblance, nature enters through blue and it`s perfectly set with an easy but statement use of tiles in the kitchen. "June" is always sweet.


"Isla" comes with a whimsical vibe, with perfectly executed detailing - a stunning beauty. Kate and Ella has created a feminine and soft space in "Isla", if we ever stepped our foot into this one we would probable never be able to leave. We adore the eclectic vibe, combined with authentic elements that makes her such a darling.


Oh "Luna", you are coming with time. The industrial elements in "Luna" is so right and now, the finish of metal-framed sliding doors is brilliant, and the wooden surfaces balances out the white and more modern kitchen solution. Kate and Ellen has managed to make the airstream seem more spacious this way, and we love the usage of subway tiles, to enhance the industrial vibe with such a classic pattern. Coloured, authentic woven floor carpets softens and brings a handmade ranch-touch to the whole composition - yet another brilliant choice, and perfectly set. Kate and Ellen knows exactly what they are doing - well there is a reason why they are full-booked for years in advance.

I know, what is their sources of inspiration, right? A quick peek through their website brings you to their resources, for inspiration and information of how they do and what inspires these two creative minds. Check it out here!


If you want to follow Kate and Ellens path, head to their website or their Instagram, and you are in for a dreamy and inspiring ride.
All images are Kate and Ellens.