Pure BLISS of a view from restaurant Franco`s in Le Sirenuse, Amalfi, Italy

Pure BLISS of a view from restaurant Franco`s in Le Sirenuse, Amalfi, Italy


Follow the winding road south of Naples and discover Amalfi's hidden gems.

The wanderlust is always strong with us and we love following the less well-trodden paths to reveal hidden treasures. But there are certain places that we always to return to, old friends with new secrets to share. Amalfi is one of those places. Leave the frenetic port city of Naples in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, and take the winding road south. Before long you'll be riding on the precipice of tumbling cliffs that fall steeply into the sea. High above the azure waters, you'll see beautiful Italian architecture and hidden coves, single boats moored, bobbing against the light current. Each sharp weaving turn reveals another of Amalfi's gems, a series of towns clinging to the cliffs, blanketing the hills in terracotta and whitewashed houses decorated with bougainvillaea and lemon trees. The sight of these vertiginous towns with their Mediterranean architecture on one side and on the other the endless flat blue water is truly one of the most beautiful sights to behold. Welcome to Amalfi.



Travel lightweight, and see this stunning coastline like a local. There's no better way to experience each spellbinding twist and turn than with the wind in your hair on the back of a Vespa. No car window in the frame of each shot, just an uninterrupted panoramic view and the ease of pulling up to savour and snap every stunning detail. Rent your scooter here!

Each small town you encounter along this coastline brings its own personality, some are small unassuming villages, others stunning towns but it is when you reach the end of the winding road on the Amalfi coast that you'll head skywards to a hilltop town, almost hidden from the trail, a quiet sister with unspoken charms. Take care to stop here, with the chance to experience two of our best-kept secrets. When you reach the heady heights of the road to Ravello, you'll encounter an open square with views across the rolling hilltops. Originally intended as a shelter from barbarian invasions of the 5th century it still has a refuge-like quality to this day. A stunning rest-stop perched in the sky. The town has long been a destination for artists, musicians and writers, penning their creations from the heady heights. From Virginia Woolf to Truman Capote, Ravello was a creative haven.



high above sea level is a terrace with indescribable views, ‘Terrace of the Infinite’ with uninterrupted sights across the water

Head from the square up winding cobbled pathways to Villa Cimbrone. Enter the well-kept garden, full of roses and floral wonders. Amongst the scent of flowers is one of Ravello's most stunning houses, built on a rocky outcrop called Cimbronium lending itself to the house's name. Dating back to the 11th century there is a special magic here...but it's when you reach the end of the glorious gardens that you see Ravello's true charm, high above sea level is a terrace with indescribable views, 'Terrace of the Infinite' with uninterrupted sights across the water, stop and hear the sound of silence as you are accompanied by silent watchers, the Roman busts, sentries that guard this spot. The stories they could tell. Head back to the hotel, a favourite of Greta Garbo and book a table at their famous restaurant Il Flauto di Pan. You will get to sample delicious mediterranean food with a contemporary flavour by restaurant chef Crescenzo Scotti as you look out across the landscape and follow the coastline as far as the eye can see. You can almost feel the ghosts of famous visitors who passed through this beautiful spot and savoured that same view. Book your table here.



Positano, one of Amalfi's most stunning towns clings to the steep hillside, an abundance of buildings in pink and terracotta, arguably the most photogenic town on this route, though busy in the summer with a swathe of tourists, snapping as they ascend and descend the cobbled streets. It's still worth the visit if only to sit and marvel at the stunning scenery from the terrace of Franco's Bar, the latest addition to the famous Le Sirenuse Hotel. Franco's pays homage to that golden era of cocktails. Sit on the al fresco terrace for a panoramic perspective, amongst unique artworks, carefully commissioned by the owners. Sip a Hemingway Daiquiri, Pomegranate Royal or an Elderflower soda with fresh mint and prosecco and then stop, and look at that view. Open from 5pm-12:30am May to Oct for more details click here!

Here on the tiny beach of Marina di Praia at the foot of the cliffs sit a few unassuming restaurants serving the freshest catch of the day



While the larger villages on this coastline are well worth a visit, sometimes it's good to take a deep breath and relax in a quiet spot. From San Michele carefully follow the winding road north. Before you reach the relatively small village of Praiano, if you take your time you'll see a small turning that takes you down to a hidden cove. Here on the tiny beach of Marina di Praia at the foot of the cliffs sit a few unassuming restaurants serving the freshest catch of the day. Sit on the terrace of Il Pirata and watch the sun go down with nothing but the sound of gentle conversation and glasses clinking as the waves almost lap at your feet.



We've saved the best until last, but you have to be here in July to experience this one. Head back to beautiful Ravello where one balmy summer in the 30's the San Carlo Orchestra played on, performing Wagner's music in the square. Notes hung in the air, awaiting a new home and in 1953, on the 7Oth anniversary of Wagner's death, Paolo Caruso knew exactly where to celebrate; in Villa Rufolo the thirteenth-century site turned mansion with a terrace that hangs over the sea, the perfect place to champion classical talents. To this day, you can experience the magic of Wagner and other musical delights as the band perform leagues above the sea with nothing but a clear backdrop of the light dappled coastline behind them. Discover more here!

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