Photo credit Kirsten Anderton

Photo credit Kirsten Anderton


The art of functional simplicity. In a world where everyone and their insta-post, is trying to grab your attention, a little calmness is sometimes what’s called-for. 

That’s when a hero accessories brand with a difference comes to the rescue, enter Status Anxiety.

You see, SA don’t feel the need to shout about their bags, belts and wallets, they let the leather do the talking. Leather that is butter-soft, beautifully textured, in both natural tones and brilliant hues. Each piece is handcrafted in timeless designs that don’t rely on fads. Minimalist and deceptively functional, they bring a collected coolness to any outfit.

It all began in Australia in 2004. SA’s founders, Will Sked and Skott Hawkes, decided they would start as they meant to go on, with design and an ethos that were uncomplicated. They called in on local stores with a collection of just 7 styles in 5 colours and they discovered that, simplicity sells. That’s not to say that the design process isn’t a thoughtful one. As they say, they do sweat the small-stuff, so that everything looks and functions perfectly. Today, you can find them in 600 top tier fashion boutiques and department stores in over 12 countries.

It all goes to show that a statement bag doesn’t necessarily need to be bling bling to stand out in the crowd, or in the shop. The saying goes, ‘those who speak loudest, often say nothing’. So, if you’ve got something to say, in a quiet, confident way that is, this is the brand for you. The only thing that isn’t simple, is which one to choose, we love the Fixation wallet in black croc leather but then again, decisions, decisions… we’ll leave that one up to you. And with one of those hero pieces on your arm you’ll be feeling anything but status anxiety.