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A slaughterhouse doesn’t conjure great images, but when there are only delicious vegetables going under the knife, in a beautiful airy Manhattan restaurant, that’s a different story.

At the Butcher’s Daughter, they ‘chop fillet and carve’ the best sustainable produce and conjure up delicious, healthy dishes from dawn until dusk. Start your day with a Goddess of Green juice, a turmeric or matcha latte, and an acai bowl or smashed avocado toast. We loved the farm eggs and toast soldiers, taking us back to the days of our youth. Once upon a time, the healthiest juice you could get was an OJ with bits, how things have changed. These juices and smoothies are packed with nutrients and ingredients such as coconut, nut butter and all manner of butchered vegetables, taking it for your delectation.

The setting for their delicious vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes, is a whitewashed, exposed brick space with accents of colour and fresh produce in abundance. Step off of the streets of Nolita or head to their more recently opened west village branch and relax in a luminous, healthy haven. So popular is the Butcher’s Daughter that it now has two further restaurants in LA, one on the busy Abbott Kinney Boulevard and a popup street van in Venice for healthy treats on the go.

So, who is the daughter behind the slaughter? Heather Tierney, owner of Apotheke bar in Chinatown. She came up with the idea for fresh nonalcoholic juices while trialing new exotic concoctions at her theatrical cocktail apothecary. However, her talents don’t just lie with culinary endeavors. Her strong sense of design led her to develop her interior company Wanderlust, who outfitted each restaurant to reflect the look of a vintage butcher's shop.

The idea is to offer 100% organic plates from local farms with an emphasis on sustainability and an accommodating menu that caters to many dietary needs. Of course, it’s not all health and virtue. If you are in their West Village restaurant and you’re feeling like a not so healthy kick, why not try Passion on Hudson, a vodka, fresh lemon and passionfruit cocktail. Who wants to be guilt-free all of the time? With fresh and locally sourced ingredients like these, you’ll feel good about being a little bit bad. The Butcher's Daughter is the most inviting slaughterhouse there is…what are you waiting for? Chop chop!

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