It`s sunday, it`s a stroll through the streets of Oslo and it`s Brendan O´Hara. The Miami based songwriter and musician is here to tell his story.

50% Irish, 25% German, 25% American, and there is no compromise. You will instantly feel the presens of a person that makes a natural state wherever he is.


Q: Which famous musicians do you admire, and why?

"There is four. Ranged in awe, my number one is by no close competition the one ans only Bill Withers, because he is the greatest American songwriter ever lived. Number two goes to the Beastie Boys, the New York City founded hip hop group, Billy Joel hits place number three, because he is the second best American songwriter, and last but not least Bob Marley, because he changed his world - the world."

Brendan has close relations with the talented and influential G. Love (you all might remember Jack Johnson`s success, well G. Love is the mind behind), both on stage and private.

"He is a friend and a person I look up to, a beautiful person of so much talent and integrity, he has had a big influence on my music career. I respect his knowledge and musical mind, playing with him is some of my most memorable moments."


Q: What are your fondest musical memories?

"Sorry, that question caught me off guard, in a way, it took me back. Back to my grandfathers funeral where I sang a last song for him. Experiencing the same with my cousin, both moments being two locked into my heart."


Q: Favorite musicians or groups?

"The Beatles, The Doors, Queen and Bob Marley & The Wailers."


Q: How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

"With humor and charm (!). I welcome mistakes for being humanising, making it real and - non perfect."


Q: You seem so calm and relaxed, I wonder if you ever get nervous before a performance?

"Every time, about 12 minutes before I go on stage, my stomach starts to tighten, and I know my body is getting ready. Being nervous is ok, it sharpens the senses. What do I do? Well, I look like an idiot, breathing and stretching like really bad Yoga or something."


Q: Any advice to new beginners regarding that?

"OWN IT. Be vulnerable, not scared. Trust yourself. Perform for the same reason you perform at your house, cause you wanna create a moment. Be full of joy. The song, first. Get rid of the bullshit."


Q: What kicks your creativity going?

Conversations. Empathy. Freezing time. The essens of the moment. Loss and love.


Q: Current projects?

"New album, and it`s going to be my best work ever. As good as I´ve ever been. It`s now, but still it`s going to stand the test of time."


Q: Who are your favorite movies and movie directors?

"Shine, produced by Scott Hicks. An amazing story. Crazy. And I love Oliver Stone and his The Doors movie. Jim Morrison, I mean, I would do those leather pants again! Oh, and Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, Gus Van Sant, they are all epic directors. Strong signatures, amazing storytellers."


Q: A walk in the park, or in the woods?

"The woods. That`s like control VS freedom to me. It has to be pure, honest and thorough. The woods is where to be, to me. We need to work from our souls, not our minds. 

I am sticking to my guns. I aim to be as thorough in my self expression as I can be, wanting to make people feel better about themselves through my work. My idea of success is creating music that lives longer than me, just as present now as down the road."

I am closing this story by giving you a look into one of the live performances, the song "Parachutes" of one of my favorites from Brendan O`Haras record "Embrace Chaos". Enjoy!