Welcome to your new bff. Wear. Look great. Feel great. Repeat.

We all have those wardrobe staples that we are most comfortable in, the ones that never let us down. True, there are the statement pieces that make it out for special occasions, but unless you are a daily peacock, it’s the simple heroes that make it out over and over again.

That’s what we’re talking about here, the basics. But basic does not mean boring, its other definitions are ‘fundamental’ ‘essential foundation’ – a starting point that we style up from. So, if you need a few more staple favourites in your life, we have the brand for you.

Basic Apparel is there to make you look good in a hectic world, where time is short and comfort and quality are key. Scandi minimalism at its best, the collection consists of  jeans, T-shirts, shorts and blouses in neutral palettes, grey marl and a dash of leopard print to mix it up!

Started in Copenhagen in 2013, in just 3 short years they have expanded and are represented by 300 strong retailers in Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Austria and Israel. All that with a basic team of only five.