Tattoos are for life, not just for a crazy night out.

We have a brand that lets you wear yours at whim, on a crisp white shirt that will always be a classic.

Johnny Be Good believes in simplicity. It's all about the shirt, a modern staple with an ingenious twist. The Belgian brand's leitmotif is lovesickness. Tattoos stitched to crisp cotton that stay with you, for the wear at least, telling a story of love, devotion and defiance. Each billet-doux is interchangeable depending on the shirt and your mood.

The answer to her questions lies in her tattoos reflecting an inner dialogue, a guide for her roving soul. Belgian illustrator Axelle Zwartjes creates the handwritten motifs of Patti's assertions. And Johny carefully stitches them to each classic piece. He also keeps the production on a small scale, to lend exclusivity. So if you see something you like, you have to move to avoid disappointment. But if you happen to miss the shirt you covet, don't be disheartened, there will be new additions each season. 

Johny Be Good’s muse Patti Lee is a restless spirit with an internal fire, she’s seeking love and adventure.
— Ruth, founder

The brand is under a year old and already capturing the attention of renowned bloggers such as MijaMija and it has garnered press attention in several international publications. Patti won't be disappointed and neither should you be. So go ahead, wear your heart on your sleeve for a change or your décolletage or your shoulder. It's the begining of a beautiful relationship. Compliments guaranteed, no dear John's necessary.

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