The Precious Cord is an authentic piece of jewelry from By Me, a handmade bracelet with a timeless and contemporary look. The designer, Marianne Tefre, has such an eye for detail, creating personal pieces for you to wear on any occasion. They become a part of you.

Colour: red

Pick a color to highlight your mood and personality: Red is the warmest of all colors. Red is the color most chosen by extroverts and one of the top picks of males. On the negative side red can mean temper or anger. In China, red is the color of prosperity and joy. Red is Tuesday's color. Wear a red accent piece when you want to present yourself as bold and dynamic. It is also believed to give a boost to your confidence.

You`re look and feel will never go wrong wearing your jewelry from By Me.

100% silver, red nylon cord, rondel and silver bead.

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