Welcome to FABL MAG. A brief rest stop for the ones with wanderlust, the curious nomads that take the time to find the gems and to be inspired. Let us lead you through secret doors to the unexpected or find you your new home from home. Sit back, relax and we’ll tell you tales that take you across time zones, beyond borders, narratives with substance that disregard trends. We’ll seek, you experience. We’ll suggest sounds that will be music to your ears, performances that go against the grain, books you can’t put down or culinary treats that taste just that bit sweeter.

Welcome to your cultural haven. Are you ready? Then we’ll begin.


If you are looking for timeless and contemporary pieces, you’ve come to the right place. We want to be part of your journey, and for you to be part of our story. These are the chronicles of style, the kind that come with simplicity, comfort and sustainability. We believe that it’s possible to look good with good conscience. To recognise trends but not religiously follow. To be your own person with your unique style. And if style is the story, let us be the protagonist. We’ll bring hero pieces to the modern nomad, whether a traveller or a mobile freelancer. We’ll feature considered brands with distinct profiles, made by craftsmen who believe in quality. Pieces that will become part of your current or next journey. Familiar, reliable companions, modern classics that are versatile and authentic, transferring effortlessly from day to night from casual to smart.

Take a little piece of us with you on your next adventure, because the special stories will always stay with you.